Holistec Systems provides a complete outsourced IT function for more than 40 Wellington based Customers including:

Melville Jessup Weaver - Melville Jessup Weaver is an independent firm of consulting actuaries with offices in Auckland and Wellington. Holistec have implemented and provide support for a sophisticated Nutanix solution that provides near realtime VM replication between offices as well as multi-node fault tolerance on a per Office basis. All VM's run on the Nutanix AHV hypervisor. Holistec also implemented Enterprise Ruckus inter-office Wi-Fi nationally

Anglican Financial Care - Anglican Financial Care supports the financial wellbeing of those in the service of the Anglican Church. Holistec have implemented and provide support for a sophisticated Lenovo SR650 solution that provides on premise VM services for all software applications. We implemented Enterprise Ruckus Wi-Fi for the head office site based in Wellington. As well as looking after all ICT requirements, Anglican Financial Care are a user of Supertec, powered by Holistec

Life Flight Trust Wellington - Life Flight Wellington fly Patients to the urgent medical care they need. This dramatically improves their chance of survival and recovery. The Holistec Team look after the mission critical nature of this large scale emergency environment

Major Electricity Users Group - MEUG is a trade association working across all regulatory regimes and working with parties in the supply chain and all consumers to improve New Zealand’s electricity sector. Holistec provide a complete outsourced IT function to MEUG

Stratum Management - Stratum's mission is to change the face of Wellington city by creating projects that are unique and answer the needs of the market, are high quality and with a hands on approach which ensures innovation and integrity

Pocock Tong Trass - Pocock Tong Trass Limited is a leading Chartered Accountancy practice located in the heart of Wellington. Their client base includes many successful entrepreneurial businesses, that have at least one eye on growth. Pocock Tong Trass view every client as their partner. Their Client's success is their success. To achieve the right results, for their clients and for Pocock Tong Trass, they have a philosophy called 'right thinking’

i-Select - i-Select is one of the leading New Zealand-based QROPS registered Superannuation Schemes. A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) – meeting the stringent standards set by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom (HMRC) – i-Select specialises in receiving UK pension transfers and uses Supertec made by Holistec Systems

Civic Financial Services - Civic Financial Services Ltd is owned by local government and supplies local government with a range of financial services. Holistec provided new IBM Virtual Infrastructure, including Ruckus Wireless and Universal Threat Management technology from Sophos

Riskpool - The preeminent Public Liability and Professional Indemnity provider of cover for local Councils in New Zealand. Holistec were proud to build the new web site for Riskpool

Kitchen Studio - Since 1989 Kitchen Studio Wellington has fitted over 3,300 kitchens in the greater Wellington area. They have also sent and/or installed kitchens in Queenstown, Taupo, Hamilton, Christchurch, many into the Wairarapa and even as far afield as Siberia

Clifton Chambers - a showcase Ruckus and advanced network implementation for this new chambers on The Terrace which uses dual radio links to PCs (5ghz) and VOIP Telephony (2.4ghz)

Mix - Mix is a not for profit organisation that supports those who live with the experience of mental illness, through a variety of creative and life skill opportunities

Darroch Forrest - a Law Firm specialising in Insurance, Dispute Resolution, Health/Medical Legal Law and Family / Personal Property

SNUP Schools - Holistec Systems has delivered Ruckus technology to over 20 schools throughout New Zealand